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  1. Speaker at PyCon IT 2022

    I went back to PyCon IT 2022 in Florence in June. I gave one talk called Why Is Our Project Late? where I introduces mental and statistical bias that lead us to make wrong estimates when making a plan.

    Furthermore, we held a live session of Intervista Pythonista podcast interviewing …

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  2. My 6 Gems on Data Visualization

    I have been working quite some time with charts and business intelligence in the last 5 years. When you spend time building business reports, you may perceive data visualization as a cold technical and business tool. However, there are 6 hidden gems in data visualization that I found by chance …

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  3. Getting PSM I Scrum Certification

    I've been working with Scrum framework over the last 18 months, and I thought it was time to test that what I was doing was real Scrum or kind-of-Scrum. I decided to take the Professional Scrum Master I certification exam to test my knowledge of the framework.

    Which certification?

    Where …

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  4. Models of Data Science teams: Chess vs Checkers

    How many data engineers should we hire? Are they too many compared to our data scientists?

    One of the key decisions to take when building a data science team is the mix of roles. This means choosing the right mix of background and of activities that each member of the …

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  5. What we expected from Covid on March 10th

    The first Covid case in Italy was found on February 21st 2020. A couple of weeks later we were entering the lockdown with this number of new daily cases.

    Cases up to March 10th

    The number of Covid-19 new cases was growing really fast every day. We had no clue about what was going to …

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