1. New Work on atacmonitor.com

    atacmonitor chart

    My side project atacmonitor features a new guise. Data is now being collected for all bus and tram lines in Rome. Data pull is achieved via Python functions running on AWS Lambda. Data is then stored in MongoDB hosted in MongoDB Atlas. Atlas also provides the charts in the page …

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  2. The Pragmatic Programmer [Highlights]

    Rather than construction, software is more like gardening— it is more organic than concrete. You plant many things in a garden according to an initial plan and conditions. Some thrive, others are destined to end up as compost. [...] You constantly monitor the health of the garden, and make adjustments (to …

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  3. 6 Take-Aways after Reading "The Signal and The Noise"

    The Signal and The Noise by Nate Silver is a must-read book for those interested in predictions. It is not a technical book. You will not learn any algorithm. However, it presents a series of real-world scenarios when predictions did work and where predictions did not work. The book is …

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